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June 26, 2012

Please come on over to my new blog to see all of my latest photography work!

Thanks! ¬†ūüôā


Dodging Raindrops

May 28, 2011

This spring has really been a challenge dealing with this weather! ¬†I feel like I’m scheduling and then having to reschedule almost all my shoots because of rain. ¬†This sweet family had to reschedule with me and then during our rescheduled shoot, go figure, thunder started to rumble. ¬†But thankfully the raindrops held off until the end of our time together. ¬†They have two of the sweetest little boys. ¬†Their new little baby has cheeks that you just want to smooch. ¬†And their toddler stole my heart with his grins, cute fedora hat and adorable Toms shoes! ¬†

An Airplane Proposal

May 25, 2011

I met Ben and Emily a few months ago at Starbucks to discuss their upcoming wedding in October. ¬†Instantly they both made me feel like I had been their friend for years! ¬†We laughed and chatted over coffee and Ben excitedly told me about how he proposed! ¬†He did it on an airplane! ¬†How cool is that!!!!! ¬†The other passengers awaited Emily’s answer and of course she said, “YES!” ¬†I thought that story was so unique that I searched my house for an airplane puzzle piece to use in a photo. ¬†Of course puzzle pieces are never where they are supposed to be when you have 3 kids but I eventually found it! ¬†We decided to head to Fountain Square to start off their engagement session because they will be getting married at the beautiful Emmaus Lutheran Church in Fountain Square. ¬†It is going to be soooooo pretty! ¬†I can’t wait. ¬†We hit some other parts of downtown Indy before calling it a night. ¬†Thanks for a fun few hours, guys! ¬†I can’t wait for your big day in October! ¬†It’s going to be a blast!

A Perfect Day

May 23, 2011

This wedding was a joy to photograph!!!! ¬†Everything was perfect. ¬†The people were perfect. ¬†The venue was perfect. ¬†The weather was perfect. ¬†Can you tell that I had a great time at this wedding? ¬†Katie wasn’t sure if she wanted to see Tristan before the ceremony but she finally decided to have a “first look” to allow more time for photos (thanks, Katie!). ¬† And their “first look” was precious. ¬†I loved the way that Tristan looked at her and twirled her around to get a glimpse of every angle of his beautiful bride. ¬†Their ceremony was so wonderful and brought glory to God – it was simply beautiful. ¬†They even had Ale 8 at the reception. ¬†(This will mean nothing to you unless you are from KY or have lived in KY for any amount of time! ¬†It made me nostalgic for my college days at Asbury.) ¬†I hope you enjoy the photos! ¬†Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your special day, guys! ¬†

A grandparents’ love

May 18, 2011

Let me start with the statement that I LOVE these people! ¬†I had the incredible honor of doing their beautiful daughter’s wedding a couple summers ago. ¬†I instantly fell in love with the family and friends connected to that wedding and have been lucky enough to keep in touch with many of them! ¬†I was so excited (hmmm…. maybe giddy is a better word) when I got an email from Mickey asking me if I could take photos of her and her husband, Mark, with their ADORABLE 3 year old grandson! ¬†What a joy it was to capture the love that they have for him. ¬†I literally just snapped photos of them having a good time – I barely had to give any direction at all. ¬†They were perfect models – snuggling and laughing the entire shoot! ¬†Thank you, Mark and Mickey, for a fun Saturday morning! ¬†I look forward to the next time that I get to see you! ¬†Oh, and I think your grandson might have a future in modeling. ¬†Just check out the first photo of him. ¬†So sweet!

Prom Night?????

May 18, 2011

So, to my fellow photographers. ¬†Have you ever had a shoot not go as planned? ¬†Let’s just say that I am soooo thankful that I know this family and am so happy that they were laid back and flexible because things didn’t go quite as I thought they would. ¬†So, it was prom night… ¬†yea…. ¬†at the IMA…. Lots and lots of crazy bright dresses (some of which made me blush and I thought to myself that I would never allow Evie in such a thing when she was in high school – eeek!). ¬†There were lots of parents taking photos and lots of cars taking ALL the parking spots by the Lilly House. ¬†Woops. ¬†But thankfully, this family is so wonderful and easy going that they were fine to walk a ways and deal with the chaos of prom night. ¬†The shoot went great! ¬†These kids were PERFECT and ¬†such good listeners. ¬†It ended up being a wonderful spring night and the prom goers eventually disappeared. ¬†So, I thought it would be fun to end our session down by the pond on the sandy beach. ¬† We walked out to the beach and… ¬† er…. ¬†hmmmm…. ¬†the beach was gone. ¬†Flooded. ¬†Completely flooded. ¬†haha! ¬†So, maybe next year we can get some shots down there. ¬†ūüôā

I got an email from a sweet army wife asking for a photo session while her husband was home for just a few days.  I felt so honored to be able to capture the love of this family for them in photographs!  It ended up being a beautiful Wednesday evening (it was a little chilly but at least it was dry,haha!).  And there little guy ended up taking some of the coolest photos of the evenings.  I put two of them at the end of this blog.  I loved it Рhe would sit in my lap and look through the viewfinder and with my help, push the button!  A few of them were of course out of focus but I think he has a great future in the photography business.  I am so thankful to this man for his service to our country and so thankful to his beautiful wife and child who are sacrificing time with him so that we all can live in a safe country.  Thank you!!!!!

So, these are the photos that their little boy took! ¬†And I LOVE them! ¬†ūüôā ¬†Very artistic!