A great way to start my blog – with a precious family

March 4, 2010

I got a text  from my friend, Jessie on Monday of last week.  She informed me that her mom had been sick and was going to have brain surgery that Thursday.  They wanted to have family photos done on Wednesday night and asked if I could take them.  I was so honored that they would ask me to take photographs during such an important time.  And what a fun time we had taking these pictures!  This family has so much joy and love – I was blessed to get to be with them for a couple hours.  Their faith in Jesus seems to be keeping them so strong through this difficult time.  I’m happy to report that “mom” made it through her 5 hour brain surgery and is now resting at home with the company of her loving, awesome family.  Thank you, Abell Family for letting me capture some memories “on film” for you!  You continue to be in my prayers.  God Bless!

One of the sweetest little girls

both boys were full of energy that night - so much fun!

brotherly love

I love the candid moments in between the photos

So in love

the siblings!

The whole gang!

This is his sweet smile (his words - not mine)

such a beautiful family - look at 'em! wow!

being silly

I love this one - look at the little ones! They did such a great job of making silly faces!


2 Responses to “A great way to start my blog – with a precious family”

  1. stacysalvatori Says:

    love these pictures!! such joy and life in this family!!

  2. Brooke Says:

    I think I taught the twins at GCA in Kindergarten. I’ll keep them family in my thoughts and prayers! Thanks for sharing the awesome pictures!

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