Jill and Austin

June 13, 2010

So, Jill is one of my closest friends.  I often say she is like my little sister.  She is getting married in October to an amazing man, Austin.  Words can not express how excited I am for their marriage and I can not wait to see what the Lord has in store for them. It is so neat to see God’s handy-work in their relationship and how He is making them both better people by putting them together as a couple.  We already did a winter engagement session (some of those pics are on my website) and we just did their summer engagement session the other evening!  I love it when I photograph my friends because I feel more comfortable to take the time to wander around and scope out new places.  I think we found some pretty fun spots!  Enjoy!


3 Responses to “Jill and Austin”

  1. stacysalvatori Says:

    Now that is my favorite shoot you have EVER done!!!! Probably cause I love them to death!! 🙂 Amazing pics. Adorable couple. Love. Love. Love!!!

  2. kate. Says:

    great pics, cat!!

  3. justafriend Says:

    Absolutely Beautiful. Both to you, Cat and to Jill and Austin.

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