A fall wedding that kept me laughing for days

February 25, 2011

When I took Andy and Kristen’s engagement session, I laughed during the entire photo shoot.  So, it came as no surprise that I laughed (to the point where my stomach hurt numerous times) during their wedding festivities.  Both Andy and Kristen should be comedians and just imagine adding their funny families and hilarious friends to the mix!  What a fun wedding weekend!  I came home from this wedding and told my husband that I wanted to be friends with everyone that I had met.  He just smiled at me like I was a goofball and nodded.  Then I showed him some video footage from the wedding and he was able to see and hear how fun everyone was and I think he finally understood me and my desire for their friendship.  :o)

Andy and Kristen are so perfect for one another.  They laugh and smile and laugh some more!  Their wedding was so sweet and special.  I tried to pick out just a few photos from their wedding and I couldn’t.  So, I had to make a video slideshow.  I’ll put a few of their photos on my blog, but check out the video at the end of this post.  (I accidentally named the video “medium.”  Whoops….  I’m trying to think of a creative witty reason to say why I called it that… but really it is just because I exported it in a “medium” format.)

Oh, and I’m so happy to say that they are now expecting their first baby!  Woo Hoo!

Ok, and I just had to include this last photo.  I always have the bridesmaids do a fun individual photo with the bride and the same thing with the guys and the groom.  This might just be my favorite “funny” photo of all time of a groomsman and a groom.



3 Responses to “A fall wedding that kept me laughing for days”

  1. Jen Browne Says:

    Cat, you did an amazing job! Kristen…you are so beautiful. I’m so lucky to have such a gorgeous friend inside and out.

  2. mbwickey Says:

    Wow Cat! All I can say is I really wish you had been doing this when Brandon and I got married. I love all the little detail shots you do and the relaxed settings. Perfect! Beautiful!

  3. Mickey Clark Says:

    Cat.. your pix are amazing! I loved meeting you when you did my daughter’s wedding (Jen Browne). You have such a wonderful eye and here pix were wonderful. It was so nice seeing you again when you did Andy and Kristen’s. These pix bring a smile to my face. It’s probably because I am still laughing the all jokes that were told that day! You are so right. The girls’ friends are so seriously hilarious and are so fun to be around. Best of luck always to you and your family. I wish you must happiness. Take care. Mickey Clark

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