A Couch in a Field

February 28, 2011

I knew I loved this beautiful, pregnant mom when she told me they were bringing a couch to their photo shoot.  SWEEEEEEEEET!  For those of you who know me…  you probably know how I’ve been looking for a couch to buy at goodwill or Craig’s List.  Specifically, so I can stick it in a field for photo shoots.  (Insert a small bunny trail here:  I just found the most beautiful, vintage couch last week on Craig’s list but realized, I don’t own a truck to haul the thing around Indy.  So…  until I move to a house with a field behind it, I probably won’t be purchasing a couch.  So sad.)

Back to this photo shoot.  What a fun time!  This family is full of style  (as you can see) and the kids were willing to endure the freezing cold weather for 2 hours!  I was so impressed.  Just to put it in perspective – I was wearing my full winter coat, scarf, etc.  It was cold!  Praise Jesus, the sun was perfect for us when we arrived to the field.  And FYI – this field is no longer in existence so if you have a field (with tall grass) that I can use for photos – let me know!  Their might be a discount in it for you.  :o)

Enough rambling…  let’s get to the photos!  Enjoy!



3 Responses to “A Couch in a Field”

  1. mary Says:

    Beautiful photos! Just look at those curls!

  2. vicky king Says:

    you betcha! those are my grandbabies and my gorgeous daughter and her handsome husband. thank you, cat! you capture their precious personalities too. excellent photographs:)

  3. […]  And check out last year’s shoot with this family – loved those outfits, too!  https://catsatre.wordpress.com/2011/02/28/a-couch-in-a-field/ I told her that I’d start sending people her way and that she should start up a little side […]

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