Alli K.

March 23, 2011

So, I’ve known Alli since she was in middle school.  I had such a fun time coaching this girl in volleyball (you should watch this girl block at the net!  Uh-mazing!)  I am so lucky to have seen her grow up over the last few years into a beautiful, young lady.  The week before our photo session, I teased Alli and told her that she needed to watch some episodes of America’s Next Top Model to get ready and prepared for our shoot.  But as I started taking photos of her, I realized this girl needed no help or tips from Tyra on how to look gorgeous for her Senior Photos.   There are hundreds of more photos that I wish I could post, but I’ll stick to these few.  Alli, I love ya tons.  Thanks for hanging out with me last Saturday.  It was so fun!  You are beautiful.

I love the simplistic beauty of this photo.

We had to throw her boyfriend in a few photos!

And of course, we needed one with her amazing mom!

Alli’s boyfriend noticed the date on the building – it is the year that Alli was born… and unfortunately (showing my age) it is also the year that I started high school.


One Response to “Alli K.”

  1. stacy Says:

    Cathy!!!!! Gorgeous!!!

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