Everyone needs a cool friend

April 15, 2011

Everyone needs to have a cool friend when they are little.  This beautiful lady was mine.  She taught me how to play Nintendo and how to do the Electric Slide to Vanilla Ice’s song “Ice Ice Baby.”  Now we are grown up and she is still one of my cool friends.  But now I think she is cool because she loves Jesus, she loves others and she looks for ways to serve people.  And…..  I bet she can still do a pretty incredible Electric Slide.  🙂  I adore her family and her kids are some of the best behaved children that I have ever been around!!!!

I love this next one!  It makes me laugh!

Then we had to put a little Disney Magic into the photos!  With Mickey Mouse, a pirate who is as good looking as Johnny Depp and a princess who would melt any prince’s heart.

Work it guys

Of course we needed some photos of a mom and her sweet babies.

And a daddy with his little girl!

As I’m taking photos of mom and dad, I turn around to see what the kids are doing and they were just chillin’ – too funny!


2 Responses to “Everyone needs a cool friend”

  1. kate. Says:

    love this shoot! what an adorable family! i LOVE the portraits on the yellow chairs!

  2. Katy Says:

    I had Brayden in my class when I worked at Greenwood Christian Church Daycare. I can’t believe how grown up he is! What a beautiful family!

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