A grandparents’ love

May 18, 2011

Let me start with the statement that I LOVE these people!  I had the incredible honor of doing their beautiful daughter’s wedding a couple summers ago.  I instantly fell in love with the family and friends connected to that wedding and have been lucky enough to keep in touch with many of them!  I was so excited (hmmm…. maybe giddy is a better word) when I got an email from Mickey asking me if I could take photos of her and her husband, Mark, with their ADORABLE 3 year old grandson!  What a joy it was to capture the love that they have for him.  I literally just snapped photos of them having a good time – I barely had to give any direction at all.  They were perfect models – snuggling and laughing the entire shoot!  Thank you, Mark and Mickey, for a fun Saturday morning!  I look forward to the next time that I get to see you!  Oh, and I think your grandson might have a future in modeling.  Just check out the first photo of him.  So sweet!


One Response to “A grandparents’ love”

  1. Precious! Seriously! EVERY Grandparent should have that kind of session with their Grandkids! Those will be cherished forever!!!

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