A Perfect Day

May 23, 2011

This wedding was a joy to photograph!!!!  Everything was perfect.  The people were perfect.  The venue was perfect.  The weather was perfect.  Can you tell that I had a great time at this wedding?  Katie wasn’t sure if she wanted to see Tristan before the ceremony but she finally decided to have a “first look” to allow more time for photos (thanks, Katie!).   And their “first look” was precious.  I loved the way that Tristan looked at her and twirled her around to get a glimpse of every angle of his beautiful bride.  Their ceremony was so wonderful and brought glory to God – it was simply beautiful.  They even had Ale 8 at the reception.  (This will mean nothing to you unless you are from KY or have lived in KY for any amount of time!  It made me nostalgic for my college days at Asbury.)  I hope you enjoy the photos!  Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your special day, guys!  


When I took Andy and Kristen’s engagement session, I laughed during the entire photo shoot.  So, it came as no surprise that I laughed (to the point where my stomach hurt numerous times) during their wedding festivities.  Both Andy and Kristen should be comedians and just imagine adding their funny families and hilarious friends to the mix!  What a fun wedding weekend!  I came home from this wedding and told my husband that I wanted to be friends with everyone that I had met.  He just smiled at me like I was a goofball and nodded.  Then I showed him some video footage from the wedding and he was able to see and hear how fun everyone was and I think he finally understood me and my desire for their friendship.  :o)

Andy and Kristen are so perfect for one another.  They laugh and smile and laugh some more!  Their wedding was so sweet and special.  I tried to pick out just a few photos from their wedding and I couldn’t.  So, I had to make a video slideshow.  I’ll put a few of their photos on my blog, but check out the video at the end of this post.  (I accidentally named the video “medium.”  Whoops….  I’m trying to think of a creative witty reason to say why I called it that… but really it is just because I exported it in a “medium” format.)

Oh, and I’m so happy to say that they are now expecting their first baby!  Woo Hoo!

Ok, and I just had to include this last photo.  I always have the bridesmaids do a fun individual photo with the bride and the same thing with the guys and the groom.  This might just be my favorite “funny” photo of all time of a groomsman and a groom.


I remember when…

February 11, 2011

I remember when Jacqueline (Jacqui) was a sweet, young girl in high school who had the voice of an angel.  Now she is a sweet woman who still has the voice of an angel.  When she sings, I just close my eyes and let the goosebumps raise up on my arms.  I adore Jacqui.  She is one of the nicest human beings on this earth.  I was so excited when she and Gary got engaged.  Gary is perfect for her – he is such a godly man who loves her and loves kids!  If you can’t tell from their photos, they are so in love.  I don’t know if they remembered that I was there snapping photos.  They just kept snuggling with each other – it was perfect!  Thank you guys for letting me be a part of your day!  Love you both!

A Rose-Hulman wedding

February 10, 2011

This wedding took place on the campus of Rose-Hulman.  If you live in Indiana, you probably know that Rose Hulman is an incredible school with intelligent students.  Well, let’s just say that this bride and groom were not only fun and beautiful but pretty darn smart, too.  They were a true joy to be with on their big day.  They decided to see each other before their ceremony and some of my favorites of the day were from their “first look.”  I also had a great time with their 4 sweet flower girls.  They were all so cute.  And I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful chapel!  So many windows!  A photographer’s dream!

I am going to take this blog to give my two cents about something that is a pretty big dilemma to most brides.  To see him before or to not see him before? I always tell my clients that if they have a strong gut feeling to have their first look be as the bride is walking down the aisle – then they need to do it.  But as a photographer, I will tell you that choosing to see each other before the ceremony has soooooooo many wonderful rewards.

First of all, just so you know, the idea of seeing the bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle originated from arranged marriages.  And I haven’t yet been hired to photograph an arranged marriage.  🙂

Second, the bride often wants a reaction from her groom when he sees her.  Over my 6 years of photographing weddings, I’ve seen more reactions from grooms when it is a sweet, private moment between him and his bride instead of in front of tons of people.  The groom is able to talk to the bride and tell her all the sweet things that she is hoping to hear.  Now let me take this moment to say that as a bride I did not want to see my hubby until I walked down the aisle – so I get it.  But let me tell you, I did not get the reaction that I thought or hoped I was going to get. When I reached the end of the aisle – I actually asked him, “Do I look ok?”  And all he was able to really say was “yes” because our pastor began talking.

Third, there is so much more time with less stress to get all the photos done!  If you wait to see each other, you will have family photos, bridal party photos and the most important photos – the ones of you and your spouse – all squeezed in to a short amount of time before the reception starts.  More than likely, your guests will be waiting for a while at the reception while you finish photos.  This brings me to another point.  I know of some brides who have  scheduled the reception to start a few hours after the ceremony is done.  Why?  Because they didn’t want to see each other before hand but they also knew that it takes time to get great photos (which they wanted) and they didn’t want to make their guests wait.  I think this is a great compromise.

So why did I choose this blog to talk about this dilemma?  Because this gorgeous bride and handsome groom decided to have a private moment before the wedding.  We had such a fun, wonderful, low stress time of photos and were able to laugh and enjoy a good chunk of time – just the three of us.  🙂

Heat Index

February 9, 2011

I don’t remember exactly how hot it was that day, but I do remember it being very hot and people commenting on the heat index.  None the less, this bride was absolutely beautiful and happy the entire day.  I don’t even remember seeing her sweat – even when I dragged her outside into the blistering heat.  If you were wondering, yes, I was pretty gross and sweaty – good thing no photos were taken of me!  🙂  April and Jon are perfect for each other – you can just tell by looking at their photos.  I was so happy to be a part of their day.  Thank you guys for fun memories!

My friend Kayte got married this past summer and I was so honored to take the photos for this blessed event!  It was such a beautiful and pleasant summer evening!  Enjoy!